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One family's experiment living on a food-stamp budget

Matthew 6:1 a Gospel for Ash Wednesday


“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them.” Matthew 6:1

I can’t help wondering whether blogging about our Lenten fast convicts me under this passage. To be truthful. I feel a little guilty about it. It feels too much like public piety—not something I love. So why am I blogging? Firstly, I want to make sure that we follow through on the self-reflection part of our Lenten discipline. Writing has always been a primary tool of reflection for me. It keeps my thinking honest. Secondly, there is accountability. I am guilty of falling off the fasting bandwagon come my birthday—which ALWAYS falls in the middle of Lent. By imagining readers (who may or may not exist), I’m held accountable to follow this all the way through to the end. God willing, of course.


6 thoughts on “Matthew 6:1 a Gospel for Ash Wednesday

  1. I understand your concern, but if you’re just send this to friends and not, say, pushing it on your FB page, it seems more like facilitating a discussion than praying on the street corner. AKM

  2. *sending* not *send*…. fumblefingers.

  3. I did only send the blog link to a small circle of friends with whom I’ve had spiritual conversations—a small subset of my friends, Facebook or otherwise. Still feels like praying on the street corner a little bit. I can talk a lot about my experiences, but I’m not sure that moves the dialog forward. We shall see, I suppose.

    • Well, I’m just going to be the interested bystander, then. You’re not offending me with self-righteousness. 🙂 If others are offended, they can speak up.

      • Okay, I can get over myself. I worry about my self-righteousness, though. My Pastor says that independence is a sin and for me it probably is. One of the disciplines of this journey will be to forage more gracefully. My life partner adapted more quickly: He turned up in the office this afternoon with a bag of scavenged food for the girls’ after school snack. My Yankee upbringing says that’s somehow inappropriate—although I can’t tell you exactly why. But, the girls enjoyed the bagels!

  4. Independence is a sin? Please ask your pastor for the scripture to back that up. I’m dying to see it.

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